Micro Frig

Chapman University We are pleased to offer our residences the Cook N' Cool Rental Program for the upcoming school year. The Cook N' Cool compact microwave/refrigerator/freezer combo unit meets all our size, safety and electrical requirements and is approved for use in our student room's on-campus. This integrated appliance is considered a necessity by many of our students!

In order to insure that there will be a unit available for you, we MUST receive your order by Friday, August 12, 2022. Late submissions of orders may result in a latter delivery of the unit or units may no longer be available.

Dave Sundby
Director of Housing
Office of Housing and Residence Life

For questions and assistance, Contact Nicole at Affordable Installations
Please limit your calls to 8am - 6pm (PST)
TEXT AFTER BUSINESS HOURS 530-671-2724 OR 916-995-3379
affordableinstallfridge@gmail.com OR nicolebarrow78@gmail.com


MOVE IN~ After ordering a fridge we will place it in your room prior to your move in. Housing provides us with room info @ time of install. (August 19th)
MOVE OUT~Clean out your fridge and leave it in your room. We will pick it up at the end of May. Contact us if you transfer rooms or have any questions.

Tips on Everyday Use & Care:

Energy Saving tips:

  • Reduce door openings
  • Close door asap
  • Don't put hot foods in fridge

CAUTION Should you unplug refrigerator, allow at least three minutes before restarting in order to allow the start relay to function properly.

DANGER—ELECTRICAL SHOCK HAZARD. Disconnect power before servicing or cleaning.

Micro Fridge
Chapman University Rental Program Cost:
$200.00 (plus tax) per school year.

Rented Cook N' Cool will be installed in the student's rooms prior to move-in date.

We will start excepting orders 6/14/2022


  • TIPS ON EVERYDAY USE AND CARE TO CONTROL TEMPERATURE: Normally the Temperature Control Knob should be set at the 3 position. The refrigerator and freezer compartment temperature can be adjusted colder or warmer by turning the Temperature Control Knob. Colder temperature can be achieved by turning the Control Knob clockwise towards the MAX position. Warmer temperature can be selected by turning the Control Knob counterclockwise towards the 1 position.

    DEFROST: For the most efficient operation of your refrigerator, defrost it whenever a ¼"-thick layer of ice frost forms (except for frost-free models). When defrosting. Turn off control. Remove all food from the refrigerator. Do not use heater devices to speed defrosting. Do not scrape or use sharp objects in the ice storage compartment. Let frost melt. Pan of warm water in ice storage compartments speeds defrosting. Empty defrost tray. Reset cold control. Replace food.

    FOR ALL CLEANING: Mix 2 tablespoons baking soda or mild soap with 1 quart warm water. No strong cleaners, scouring powder or pads should be used. For persistent odors, Affordable Installations Services Department has odor removal products. Vacuum the tubing on outside back when dusty.

    1. Allow 24 hours for your refrigerator to reach a new temperature setting.
    2. The motor will start and stop often. It must do so in order to maintain the temperature you select.
    3. Keep your refrigerator reasonably level.
    4. Unplug refrigerator before doing anything with its electrical system (even changing a light bulb).

  • BEFORE CALLING FOR SERVICE Check plug and outlet. Test outlet with lamp or other device. Be sure control is on. Read all Use & Care Information. Your questions may be answered. If not, find your model number (on upper back of refrigerator or inside the refrigerator affixed to the inner liner surface on the right-hand side). Refer your model number and the problem to Affordable Installations at 916-995-3379 text or email nicolebarrow78@gmail.com after normal business hours.


  • Your refrigerator should be connected directly to a grounded electrical wall outlet. No extension cords, multi-connection bars, etc. should be used.
  • In case of prolonged power outage or an electrical disconnect of any type, please check your refrigerator for spoiled food

Click here for the complete specifications (pdf file)